[title size=”1″]Pediatric Compounding[/title]

[fontawesome icon=”heart” circle=”yes” size=”medium”]Every person is unique and children are no exception. Pediatric compounding is very specific and many times is based on weight.  We can aid in formulating a medication that will meet the needs of your child. Allergies are becoming more of an issue every day. We can formulate many compounds that can replace the allergen causing the issue such as wheat, corn, or dyes.  Come by and visit our lab and meet with your friendly staff to find out more about what we can provide for you.

Pediatric CompoundingHaving trouble with a capsule or tablet?  Try one of our highly micronized tasty suspensions or a flavored solution. Our flavors are unique such as raspberry, bubblegum, lemon lime, strawberry kiwi, or chocolate. Let our pharmacists create a unique and friendly solution for your child today!