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We are a full-service compounding pharmacy dedicated to the preparation of compounded medications, but can service your regular prescriptions as well. Compounding is the art and science of preparing customized medications designed for individual needs. Our staff has established a reputation among physicians by providing medications and advice that make a difference in the lives of their patients. We are members of PCCA.

At Heartland Apothecary we use only the highest quality ingredients in every order, prepared to your physician’s exact specifications. We ensure a timely response on each order and accept many insurance plans.[/content_box]

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With over 20 years of infusion experience let the staff at Heartland Infusion take care your needs.  As an independent infusion company based in Knoxville,TN we offer personalized and quality care in a home setting.We work with several providers and can also setup first dose infusions for you. Experience a better approach to infusion therapy.

Therapies we offer include- IV antibiotics, TPN, Enterals, and speciality medications like Remicade, Tysabri, and IVIG.  We also offer CE courses for professionals and can schedule it at your convenience.

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HCG, B12 injectables, and genetic testing  are very successful when used with the proper diet and supplements.  The most successful people are those that have professionals following their therapy and guiding them through it.

Patient’s using HCG have reported weight loss of almost a pound a day when following the proper regimen. This treament has been very successful with patient’s that have a hard time losing weight.

Genetic testing now can detect what specific issues you may have and what you need to avoid to lose weight.  Contact us for more information on weight loss genetic testing!

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