DHEA is a hormone many people simply overlook. It is one of the most important hormones in my opinion that you make. DHEA is fairly plentiful at a young age but as you progress into your 30’s-40’s levels begin to decline, and you may start feeling the effect of this decline.

DHEA mainly comes from the adrenal gland, and if you know much about the adrenal gland you know how important it is. The adrenals are responsible for producing aldosterone which helps to control blood pressure, cortisol which helps to regulate metabolism and stress as well as other important hormones.

DHEA is an androgen and can be used to build testosterone. Remember, testosterone is great for mental focus and energy. DHEA also can help regulate the bad effects of to much cortisol, and improve your immune system, increase energy tho and libido as well as decrease recovery time.

We have a special blend we recommend but women dose anywhere from 10-25 mg a day of DHEA. Men will take between 25mg-50mg of DHEA daily. As a patient myself who takes it I began to notice effects from it within 6 weeks, the main effect was better quality of sleep.

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