Compounding is our specialty

Are you tired of feeling like a number? How many times do you approach the  pharmacy counter and leave feeling like something is amiss? As patients sometimes ourselves we took a step back from the counter. We realized patient care and more more importantly individualized therapy was being lost.  We decided to create a compounding pharmacy that would put patient care and specialized medication therapy to the forefront. One year later, Heartland Apothecary an independent compounding pharmacy was created.  We believe every patient who picks up a prescription is important. We take pride in our work and invite you to come visit with one of our pharmacists or staff. We can discuss your prescriptions or overall health goals. We offer free prescription delivery in Knoxville,TN as well as online refills.


Our mission is to apply our knowledge, experience, and skills to the best of our ability to assure optimal drug therapy outcomes. At Heartland Apothecary we maintain the highest principles of moral, ethical and legal conduct and focus on your wellness, not your sickness.

Compounded medications are agents that are either not available to the traditional pharmacy, or require special manipulations to develop. It requires additional skill and time to develop these compounds.  They can overcome a challenge that may present a serious problem. Oral solutions can be created for someone who has a hard time swallowing pills. Creams can be formulated to target a particular area. Capsules can be made free of dyes or allergens.  We create several unique formulations that simply many other pharmacies can not.Our pharmacy focuses primarily on compounded medications, but can also service many common prescription medications. We have equipped our lab to produce virtually any compound requested.

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