Custom Dental Compounds

Smile- your teeth is our priority!

We offer several unique dental formulations that can be tailored to meet your needs!  As a compounding pharmacy we can produce many dental compounds that can be used to make your life easier. If you suffer from TMJ or pain associated with an extraction a topical pain cream may work well for you. This avoids irritating the stomach, and can work quickly because you administering the medication where the pain hurts.Several patients have oral lesions from a procedure or braces and benefit from a mucosal bandage.  These bandages are in the form a powder that can incorporate different drugs if needed.  By covering the area with a bandage it can help protect it while healing.

If your worried about gagging during an examination or dread having your teeth clean, we have a solution for you.  We can provide compounds that can numb targeted areas and help prevent gagging and even pain.  A solution such as magic mouthwash can be made to fit your custom need.  We can add antifungals, antibiotics, mucosal protectants, anesthetics, and other agents to target the specific problem.

We work with several dentists, oral surgeons, and orthodontists and have outstanding results from the use of our compounds. We have listed some of our most prescribed formulations. We can also provide custom dental sheets for your providers

Custom Compounds

  • Lip balms for viral lesions
  • Topical Anesthetics
  • Oral analgesic lollipops
  • Mucosal bandages
  • Lozenges to increase salivation