Perform at your best

Sports Medicine- Targeted therapy

Heartland Apothecary is no stranger to sports injuries. Everyone has been in situations were an injury prevented you from accomplishing something.  Sometimes medication applied directly to the injury would work better. At Heartland Apothecary we have developed custom sports medicine formulas consisting of several medications to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and relax muscles without having the  side effects that oral medication can produce. One issue many of our patient complain about is constipation with pain medication. This is a side effect that can be greatly reduced by applying a transdermal pain gel.

  • Hemorrhoids
  • Foot bunions
  • Acute or Chronic Pain

Target the pain

Many of our sport formulas are administered on the skin (topically). The overall benefit can be enhanced while significantly reducing the risk of adverse effects such as constipation, headaches, or nausea. We work with many sport medicine clinics and provide patients with ultrasound gels that be given via Phonophoresis or solutions that can be given via Iontophoresis. This process allows the medication to get to the tissue the pain is coming from quickly and effectively. We will work with your physician, trainer,  and therapist to customize your medications and delivery form to meet your needs.

  • Inflamed muscles
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Muscle Spasms